Charging Points Installation In the Workplace

As the number of electric vehicles on our roads rapidly grows, McGill Electrical & Security Systems Ltd are already prepared to keep them moving. Our engineers are now trained to install electric car charging points in the home or workplace.

If you already run a fully electric car or plug-in hybrid, you will be aware that charging up at home is usually your most convenient and cost-effective option.

While public charging points exist, having your own one is only really practical if you have off-street parking – either a driveway or a garage. Grants are available to help meet the cost of these charging points, which in the domestic market tend to come in two broad speeds: a slower, the lower-powered option (3kW) or a 7kW higher speed version, which should reduce the charging time by about half.

Electric charging points at work

Electrical car charging points also make sense at business locations. Many companies are moving towards running electric powered van and car fleets. Others will wish to offer charging points to allow staff and customers to recharge on the premises. If you wish to discuss installation of electrical charging points at your business premises contact us.

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