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If you are looking for a really bright way to improve your work or living space, look at LED lighting. In July 2018, McGill Electrical were awarded a high-value contract to carry out a full LED lighting upgrade to a transportation depot for our client Muller Wiseman in Cambuslang.

The depot serves as the main logistical hub for Muller Wiseman’s whole Scottish operation. Around a hundred HGVs operate from the location on a daily basis.

The team at Muller Wiseman had realised that their existing lighting was poor quality and expensive to run. Not only that, the outdated halogen floodlight fittings had actually become a serious health and safety risk.

First, the company asked us to carry out a full lighting design calculation. When they saw the difference we could bring to the site, they commissioned us to fit it out with new 200 watt LED floodlights.

The benefits of this were brilliantly obvious. The new LED lights offered a far superior quality of light. Added to this, the new installation represents a significant cost saving for the company. We reduced the electricity usage on each lighting column on site from 1600 watts down to just 400 watts. Better light, for quarter of the power!

The HGV drivers, site works and management are delighted with the job, and we have been asked to carry out the same process at two more sites.

Site managers Paul and Jim were quick to offer their praise:

“The lights are excellent, it’s the best by far that we have had in the yard.” – Paul

“Excuse the pun, but the difference with the yard lighting is night and day! We get a lot of good feedback from the drivers saying it is a lot better for doing vehicle checks.” – Jim

Internal LED lighting

LED lights also offer huge advantages inside.

We’ve replaced traditional lighting in numerous offices and shops. One such project was at Muller Wiseman, where we improved the lighting in a number of corridors and staff rooms by updating the lights.

In each of these cases, the impact on running costs has been significant. LED lighting typically will reduce bills by XX%. In the case of Muller Wiseman, we estimated bills would be reduced by YY%.

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